Dịch vụ xây lắp trọn gói hệ thống điện năng lượng mặt trời

Full-service solar power system installation

Realizing the potential and trend of developing renewable energy, especially solar energy in Vietnam as well as in the world, we have focused our resources on research, research, technology transfer and development. turmeric. Up to now, the EPC – Solar energy business segment has become one of the core services of  Tran Le Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

We have cooperated to distribute products and receive advice and technology transfer from leading partners in the world such as:

  • REFU Elektronik GmbH : A leading supplier of solar inverters and energy solutions from Germany
  • Sunpower : Manufacturer of the highest quality and most efficient solar panels today from the US.
  • S-Energy : Korea’s leading energy technology corporation, Supplier of branded solar panels S-Energy and global EPC, O&M contractor for large capacity solar projects.

Our services not only include Consulting-Design-Supply-Construction (EPC) but we also provide services to ensure the stable operation of your solar power system. consistent and effective throughout the project life cycle.

  • Investment consulting.

We advise customers on the feasibility of the project through the analysis and calculation of the load, the average cost of electricity use of the load. Analyze the current status of the feasibility of installing the system. From there, project proposals such as technology selection, calculation of the optimal capacity to be installed and analysis of project investment efficiency.

  • Legal advice.

For projects with a capacity of less than 1Mwp, we advise customers in the implementation of procedures for registration of connection to the grid, installation of 2-way galvanometers and signing of power purchase and sale contracts with Power Company. force.

For projects with capacity greater than 1 MWp. We advise clients to carry out legal procedures for setting up investment projects. Apply for an electricity activity license in accordance with state regulations, set up procedures for connecting to the grid. install metering system, SCADA system, and sign power purchase contract with Electricity company.

  • System design consulting.

Making design dossiers, technological diagrams, technical designs, construction details, making estimates, making measures and plans for system construction and installation.

  • Supply of materials and equipment.

Supplying a full package of materials and equipment for the project including main equipment such as:

– Solar panels

– Solar inverter.

– Electrical cabinet DC combiner.

– AC grid-connected electrical cabinet.

– Measurement System.

– On-site and remote monitoring.

– The battery support frame system.

-Specialized power cable for solar power and other accessories.

Ensure the quality of synchronization, suitability and stability of each system component throughout the life of the project, minimizing operation and maintenance costs.

  • Installation work.

Provide technical services for construction and installation of solar power systems in accordance with approved technical regulations and designs.

  • Maintain, maintain, improve and upgrade the system.

Provide system maintenance, servicing, renovation and upgrade services throughout the project life cycle. Ensure stable operation of the system, timely response in case of incidents. Ensuring the efficiency of power generation, minimizing investment risks and meeting all customers’ needs for system upgrades and renovations.

  • Remote system monitoring.

Provide remote system monitoring service at our monitoring center. Continuous operation 24/7 to regularly monitor the operation of the system. Timely detection of abnormal operating states. To warn customers and take corrective measures, maintain and repair the system.

  • O&M service – System operation management.

Providing management, operation and leasing services of solar power generation systems according to international standards for projects with large capacity.