Manufacture of electrical cabinets

Manufacture of electrical cabinets


With years of experience along with a team of trained engineers and support. Technology transfer from advanced equipment manufacturers in the world. Apply new design and manufacturing technologies. The manufacturing process of electrical cabinets is strictly checked from the stage of solution, design, manufacture, assembly and testing. Lifetime after-sales service is the strength that we always meet the most demanding requirements of customers.

The electrical cabinets we design and manufacture:

  • Motor control cabinet (MCC cabinet, Water pump control cabinet, Fire pump control cabinet)
  • Distribution cabinet. (MSB switchboard, ATS switchboard, distribution switchboard ..etc.)
  • Power compensation cabinet. (compensation cabinet automatically adjusts power factor)
  • Automatic control electrical cabinets (machine control cabinets, automation lines on request.)

Flexible selection.

Materials for the cabinet are selected such as powder coated steel sheet, INOX, Composite … suitable for the installation environment. The size, form of the cabinet, the tightness of the cabinet are also designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the installation environment.

Smart and standardized design.

Using professional support software to design, manufacture electrical cabinets, the equipment is arranged inside the electrical cabinets always according to the standards and ensure operation, safety, aesthetics and certainty.

Strict production process.

Equipment installation process is strictly controlled by us at each stage, minimizing errors affecting product quality.

Rigorous testing.

Finished products will be tested by Engineers without load and under load to ensure that the functions work in accordance with design requirements.

Lifetime after-sales service.

Electrical cabinet products designed and manufactured by us are warranted from 12 months to 60 months depending on the type of equipment selected.

In addition to the standard equipment warranty period, we are committed to supporting customers throughout the life of the product, with any equipment failure in the shortest time and lowest cost.