Industrial electrical construction

Leading EPC contractor for electrical installation of industrial systems, medium voltage power systems and substations

Construction of substations

EPC service Industrial electrical system installation is one of the core business areas of Tran Le Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd we include.

  • Consulting, Design, construction and installation of industrial electrical systems, automatic control systems.
  • Consulting on connection procedures, Solution consulting, Design, construction and installation of medium voltage power systems and substations.

Through many years of operation, we have completed many projects all over the country and have always been highly trusted by customers and partners, we always aim to establish an information system for customers. reliable, modern, safe and energy-saving with its strengths.

Construction of medium voltage lines and substations

Highly experienced and professional staff.

With a team of Solution Consultants, Designers, Project Managers, Supervisors who are experts and Engineers, bachelors with expertise and experience. A team of skilled and trained technical workers through many large projects that we execute, along with a strict, scientific and disciplined organization, we always meet projects with high technical requirements. techniques, construction methods and progress requirements.

Understanding standards and regulations.

Our team is knowledgeable and always trained and updated with specialized regulations and standards to apply in system consulting, design and construction.

We are always guided and supported by the Power Companies and Power Units with legal procedures to assist customers in carrying out the processes and procedures for applying for permission to connect to the national grid according to regulations.

Strong supply chain.

With many years of operation, we have built a supply chain with many Manufacturers and Distributors of electrical equipment and supplies with domestic and international reputation, along with proactive design and production. cabinets, electrical panels we ensure competitiveness in terms of quality, cost as well as project schedule.

Integrated advanced solutions.

Combining solutions is our strength such as: Solar energy solutions, renewable energy, Power management and monitoring solutions, Automated control solutions, etc., we are confident. will establish for customers a modern, reliable and energy-saving electrical system.