All-In-One solar storage kit TLE-P5-E5 (Sea series)

All-In-One solar storage kit TLE-B8-E5 (Sea series)
All-in-one compact design, IP65 protection cable for indoor and outdoor installation. Stand up, easy to install. Lithium storage battery and smart BMS, SUS 304 stainless steel housing.

Durable high performance, up to 96% efficiency, flexible application

All-In-One solar storage kit TLE-P5-E5 (Sea series)

– Highest input voltage: 370v

– Maximum input power: 6500W

– MPPT voltage range: 125~425V. MPPTL number 02.

– Maximum total AC current: 35A

– Input voltage: 100-500V

– Charging/discharging power: 2.56 Kw.

– Output AC power: 5000W.

– Rated power: 4,608Kw

– Dimensions: H1550xW750xD400, Weight: 197Kg

– Display: Led

– Communication method: Wifi / RS 485 / CAN.


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