REFUsol 40KW . solar inverter

REFUSol 40K grid-tied solar inverter with a capacity of 40KW, manufactured by REFU Elektronik GmbH – Europe’s leading manufacturer of solar inverters and solutions from Germany, suitable for Rooftop solar power systems has medium and large capacity and solar power plants . Optimized design using exclusive 5-patented UltraEta®Topology technology for best power at all radiation levels.

REFUSol Off Grid Solar Inverter 40K

New generation inverter optimization.

  • State-of-the-art UltraEta® Topology proprietary technology.
  • Natural passive cooling.
  • Cloud connection.

Performance and reliability are at the forefront with large capacity solar power systems, the REFUSol 40K Solar Inverter meets both of these criteria, With up to 40KW capacity and unique technology. Patented UltraEta®Topology  5 for best power at all radiation levels. REFUSol 40K is designed with a natural passive cooling system without a fan, minimizing self-use, maintenance-free power, minimizing operating and maintenance costs.

Solar inverter REFUSol 40K

Simple operation, convincing technology.

REFUSol 40K has a selectable voltage range from 230V to 460V which is compatible with any power grid worldwide.

Innovative AC and DC connectors with Phoenix Contact T-LOX technology allow the connection of both copper and aluminum cables up to 50mm2  in one operation. With only one DC total connection port, it is necessary to use the DC Combiner electrical cabinet to connect to the string panels.

REFUsol 40K solar inverter with high precision MPPT algorithm and total DC input gives design engineers flexibility in large system setup: like number of modules in a string, number of strings in an inverter and freely group PV String numbers in the area close to the substation system as desired.

The design of the inverter near the substation brings outstanding advantages such as: minimizing DC loss, and the network cabling of monitoring is also simpler. Just configure the DC combiner cabinets as desired.

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