Solar inverter REFUsol 8-23KW

Solar inverter REFUsol 8-23KW

REFUSol 8-23K grid-tied solar inverter with capacity from 8KW to 20KW (corresponding to 400V voltage), manufactured by REFU Elektronik GmbH, Europe’s leading manufacturer of inverters and energy solutions from Germany, integrating advanced technologies for maximum efficiency, suitable for Rooftop solar power systems with medium and large capacity.

Solar Inverter REFUsol 8-23KW

Biến tần năng lượng mặt trời REFUSol 8-23KW

Solar inverter REFUSol 8-20K

Classic product with many years of experience.

  • State-of-the-art code
  • Distributed design with multiple DC connections
  • Flexible application.

The new generation of Solar Inverters inherits the foundation of success with years of experience, high productivity and maintenance free. With applications such as solar energy combined with storage, Smart Grid Solar or REFU Charge Control always update the Firmware according to your needs.

Flexible design, universal compatibility.

Ease and flexibility in designing and setting up a solar power system with REFUSol 08-23K inverter, with capacity from 8KW to 23KW. The REFUSol 08-23K grid-tied solar inverter has a distributed design with multiple DC input ports, making it easy to upgrade the system according to the project investment phase, improving investment efficiency.

REFUSol 8-23K grid-tied solar inverter with wide voltage range is suitable for power networks around the world.



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