Shingled Cell technology on Sunpower P series panels

quantriweb 30/10/2021

Công nghệ tấm pin shingled cell là gì.

shingled cell is a new solar panel manufacturing technology, using small sized cells cut out of normal square cells by laser cutting technology, each normal square cell can be cut into 5 to 6 small cells. The small cells are now glued together horizontally or vertically with a special glue to form a strip of cells called  shingled cells. The overlapping of the small cells together eliminates the busbar connecting the cells together like on a conventional panel. This unique design allows the cells to cover more of the surface area of ​​the panel and eliminates the covering of the guide rails on the cell surface increasing panel efficiency, another benefit is that these shingled cells  are connected parallel to each other and each sequence operates independently, greatly reducing the performance loss caused by the shading effect.

Shining cell technology on Sunpower performance series (P series) panels

Sunpower Performance Series  panels combine  Sunpower ‘s more than 30 years of experience in material technology and manufacturing expertise to produce panels that excel in terms of performance, performance, reliability and aesthetics compared to conventional panels.

Since 2015, the innovative shingled cell Sunpower Performace Series sunpower have been satisfying the high reliability and durability needs of energy developers

More than 1.5GW of Sunpower P series panels have been deployed to date and own a portfolio of many international patents and application patents to ensure a technological advantage. Sunpower believes that  Sunbpower Performance Series  panels will create a competitive advantage in the market.

The prominence on Sunpower performance series (P series) panels

A groundbreaking shingled cell  design that reinvents conventional battery cell technology for added performance and enhanced efficiency

  • Using conductive adhesive space technology to glue the overlapping cells helps shingled cells better withstand daily temperature changes.
  • Enhanced cell connectivity creates flexible paths that minimize the impact of cracks on panel performance.
  •  Sunpower’s proprietary technology encapsulation glue minimizes panel degradation under environmental influences.

Watch an introductory video about Shining cells technology on Sunpower Performance Series panels