Alternating water pump control cabinet

The water pump control cabinet consists of 2 pumps operating in parallel, alternately applied for water supply and drainage in buildings, wastewater treatment plants, industrial plants.

Control cabinet for water pump control for clusters of 2 pumps operating in parallel or always over time, applications in water supply, drainage, agricultural irrigation.

Alternating water pump control cabinet

Function :

  • Control cluster of 2 pumps operating in parallel or always
  • Automatic operation from feed water level and tank water level signal
  • Full range of current/voltage protection functions
  • Show water pump status
  • Clock Volt, Amper
  • Auto/manual mode selector switch
  • Other functions on request.

Application :

Control cabinet is applied in water supply and drainage pump systems such as water supply from tank to tank, sewage pump, etc..

Products are manufactured by Tran Le, customers can request equipment from quality manufacturers such as Schneider, LS, Mitsubishi, etc..

The product comes with a 24-month warranty and lifetime upgrade support.

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