Booster Pump control cabinet

The electrical cabinet controls the booster pump cluster with 2 pumps that operate alternately over time using an inverter to control the pressure in the pipeline according to the PID algorithm, applied for water supply pumps for buildings, farms, hotels and resorts.. etc.

The control cabinet of the booster pump cluster consists of 2 pumps operating in a time-based session, using an inverter to adjust the pressure in the pipeline according to the PID algorithm.

Control cabinet for inverter booster pump


  • Precise control of water pressure by PID algorithm
  • Control 2 water pumps using 1 inverter
  • Always cycle 2 pumps from time to time.
  • Manual or automatic control mode.
  • Show pump running mode by indicator light
  • Air blower automatically according to temperature.
  • Watertight enclosure allows outdoor installation.
  • Measure voltage and current.
  • Multi-function protection built into the inverter.


Water pump control cabinet is applied for many different purposes such as water supply pump for buildings, resorts, hotels, farm irrigation pumps.

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