Motor control cabinet-MCC

The inverter starter motor control cabinet is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements by experienced engineers and direct support from the manufacturer.

Motor control cabinets, also known as MCC electrical cabinets, are manufactured according to customer requirements

Electrical cabinet to control the inverter starting motor

  • MCC electrical cabinets are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
  • Designed and engineered by highly experienced and specialized engineers.
  • Technology transfer from famous manufacturers such as Shneider Electric, Siemens, Franklin Electric, LS, Delta, Mitsubishi.
  • Using specialized design software to design and simulate electrical cabinets to ensure the function and operation of the system in accordance with user needs.
  • Cabinets are selected to be manufactured from stainless steel, powder coated steel, composite on request
  • Details of connection, wiring, equipment installation arrangement according to international standards
  • Equipment is guaranteed genuine 12 to 24 months,
  • Lifetime system support and maintenance at the best cost.Contact us for advice on choosing the right capacity, products and solutions for your needs.


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