Fire pump control cabinet

Fire water pump control cabinet according to the pressure switch to control the main pump, pressure compensation pump, diesel pump to control fire pump assemblies for buildings, factories, etc., designed and manufactured according to customer requirements row

The fire pump control cabinet consists of a pump assembly with 2 electric pumps, 1 pressure compensation pump and 1 diesel pump, operating under pressure switches for control applications for fire pump systems in buildings, factories, etc..

Automatic fire pump control cabinet


  • Controlling 2 main electric pumps with star-delta (Y-D) starting all the time, boosting, 1 direct-starting compensating pump and 1 diesel pump
  • Automatic operation according to pressure signal or fire alarm center.
  • Manual control mode.
  • Show pump status
  • Display current, voltage
  • Emergency stoppage.
  • Full protection function of phase loss, under voltage, over voltage, over current.
  • Other functions according to customer requirements.


Controlling fire pump assemblies for suitable buildings and factories

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