Solar Battery 144 Cells 440W S-Energy

Solar battery 144 Cells – 440W voltage 1500VDC, efficiency up to 19.63%. Produced by S-Energy – Korea. Meet international standards IEC, UL, CE, etc…

Solar battery 144 Cells 440W S-Energy Half-Cut Korea. voltage 1500 VDC, efficiency up to 19.63%. Made in Korea by S-Energy – Korea’s leading solar panel manufacturer, meeting international standards such as IEC, UL, CE..vv. Has been installed and proven quality at solar power plants in Japan, USA, Korea ..etc.

Advantages of the Korean 144 Cells 440W S-Energy Half-Cut solar battery product:

  1. PID Resistance: Korean 144 Cells 440W S-Energy Half-Cut Solar Battery tested and verified for effective resistance to loss.
  2. Enhanced resistance to external forces and impacts even with hail.
  • Snow load: 5,400 Pa.
  • Wind load: 2,400 Pa.
  • Hail Impact: 25m/s.
  1. Very good explosion resistance.
  2. Higher output power: up to +5Wp.
  3. The performance of the  Solar 144 Cells 440W S-Energy Half – Cut Korea battery is very excellent even in low light conditions.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing Black or Silver frame style.
  5. Voltage 1500V.Contact with usfor product consultation and quotation.

    Product parameters of Korean Solar 144 Cells 440W S-Energy Half-Cut Battery:


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