Sunpower P19 series-1500V . solar panels

Sunpower’s high-performance series solar panels imported and distributed by Tran Le have a capacity of 385Wp to 405Wp, with unique technology and design, exclusive to Sunpower, a leading US panel manufacturer. . 25 year product quality warranty. Sunpower P19 series is the first choice for large capacity projects and requires high quality and performance.

Sunpower P19 series – high efficiency solar panel series.

Sunpower solar panels high efficiency P19 series

The  SunPower®  series of high-efficiency panels combine the performance of top-contact technology photovoltaic cells with the reliable durability and quality of  SunPower®  to deliver a product line with power, efficiency and performance. , productivity and reliability are higher than conventional battery center.

  • Design with high reliability.

An innovative breakthrough design addresses many of the reliability challenges of traditional front-facing panels. The lead ribbons and solder joints on the cell surface are removed to expand the energy receiving area of ​​the cells, flexible and redundant connections for better current transfer, lower cell surface temperatures, and increased age. battery life.

  • Dark skin energy.

Parallel cell link circuit helps the panel to work effectively when shaded

The  SunPower®  series of High Efficiency Panels deliver up to 19.6% capacity and produce 32% more power over 25 years of operation than conventional panels. Besides, the SunPower® P series also offers better efficiency thanks to the unique parallel-switching circuit design that delivers more power in the event of shading.

  • Warranty up to 25 years

Combining the technology of making cell materials developed over 30 years and the manufacturing expertise of  SunPower®  comes the P series for performance, reliability and economy. P series panels are guaranteed up to 25 years of performance and product quality.

  • See SunPower® P19-1500V panel specifications.


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