Solar Pump Solution (Solar Pump)

quantriweb 30/10/2021


Solar pump system was installed by Tran Le in Gia Lai

What is solar water pump?

Solar pump is a solution to harness solar energy to provide a water pumping system that works without electricity. The system consists of solar panels that are combined and installed to receive solar radiation energy and convert it into DC electricity, which will be used by a dedicated inverter for pumping. Solar pump inverter (solar pump inverter) converts into alternating current to power the pump. The inverter will automatically adjust the frequency to adjust the pump’s power consumption to match the power received from the sun at different times, this operating mechanism helps the water pump operate smoothly without any problems. need to supply power or set up a storage system.

Solution benefits.

  • No fuel or electricity costs:

    100% of pump power is harnessed from the sun without electricity or diesel fuel to run the generator.

  • No need to invest in power lines or generators:

    The system can operate independently without power, so there is no need to invest in power lines or generators, especially for some farms located far from the center, this reduces a lot of investment costs. private.

  • Automatic operation without operating costs:

    The system operates completely automatically without human control so there is almost no need for operating costs.

  • Durable operation, long service life:

    The main equipments are designed and manufactured with durability and service life of over 20 years, so the system can operate very stably for a long time.

  • Help the water pump work durable:

    The water pump motor is controlled by inverter technology with a full range of protection functions to help the water pump operate stably, durable, and less damaged.

  • Flexible Operation:

    The system still has an AC power input that allows power to the grid or from a backup generator to use the pump when it is less sunny or at night, giving users flexibility in use.

The main device of the system.


The main equipment of the system including the water pump is a 3-phase electric pump  normally connected to the battery and control system consisting of solar panels and a solar pump inverter.

  • Solar panels:

    This is the main device to help convert radiant energy into electrical energy, the panels are combined and installed to receive the best energy from solar radiation.

  • Solar pump inverter:

    The inverter helps to convert the DC power from the panels into 3-phase AC with the appropriate frequency to control the water pump according to the energy obtained at different times, in addition, the inverter also integrates the following functions. Protection for water pump such as overload, short circuit, phase unbalance..etc.

  • Water pump assembly:

    The water pump is a 3-phase electric pump that can be a submersible rocket pump for wells or a conventional centrifugal pump.

  • Other auxiliary devices:

    Including conductors, switchgear, protection, relays, control sensors to link the system depending on the needs of use.